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Meghan DeHaven, Staff Writer

“Marching down the field you get chills up your legs and arms, but I was sweating pretty bad because it was so hot,” Meghan said when asked what it felt like performing at her first football game as a Bethette. “Hearing the crowd go crazy is another experience of its own, it was wild. It was like finally feeling a part of something. You can’t really describe it, you just have to be in the moment. Being there on the field with people that I have spent the last two weeks working on this stuff with is crazy, and when we finally did it, it was surreal, I got speechless.”

This year is Meghan’s sophomore year at BPHS and her first year being a Bethette.

“My favorite thing about Bethettes is turning around and marching down the field to "Hot Time Bethel Victory" because it makes me feel powerful and I love the history behind it,” said Meghan. “I love that my mom got to do the same dance as me 20 years ago.”

Along with being a Bethette, Meghan is also a dancer, takes voice lessons, coaches cheer, and teaches dance. Among all this, Meghan manages to maintain a 4.18 GPA.

After school, Meghan can be seen at Bethette practice or sleeping.

Some things Meghan enjoys doing are listening to music, hanging out with her friends, cuddling her dogs, going to urban outfitters, and eating school lunch wraps.

She has two dogs named Pepper and Dolly and two cats named Rachel and Phoebe.

Her favorite musical artist is Harry Styles and he is also her biggest inspiration.

“Harry Styles inspires me because he’s so open about himself and confident,” Meghan said. “I feel like his energy that he radiates is so moving and I want to be exactly like him”

If Meghan could go anywhere in the world she would go to Rome. If she could travel to any time period she would want to go to the ‘70s because she thinks hippies are cool and there was good music.

Meghan’s favorite movie is "Mean Girls," and if she could have any superpower in the world it would be invisibility so she would be able to overhear people.

This year is Meghan’s first year writing for the school newspaper. She chose to take Journalism because it stood out to her compared to the other electives offered.

Meghan hopes to write articles about the music department at BPHS.

After high school, Meghan hopes to take a gap year and travel around Europe.



Written by: Meghan Krapp, Staff Writer

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