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Tacey (far left) is all smiles at a Friday night football game where youll find her on the field as a Bethette.

Tacey Trypus, Staff Writer

Tacey Trypus is a junior who is ready to take on the school year as a Bethette in Squad 3, and she is a proud member of the Newspaper Club.

When asked what her future plans are, she said, “I want to own a cat soon. In terms of career, I have no clue. But I’d like to own a cat.”

When asked what are you most looking forward to this school year, Tacey said: “To make more friends. Tacey needs more friends, better friends, but I didn't say that, but I did.”

So if you are looking for someone with a good sense of humor, Tacey is the friend for you.

When questioned with, “What inspires you to be your best self?” she replied: “Being myself, because if I’m myself good things will happen to me. If I’m someone else, good things will happen to someone else. And I want good things to happen to me.”

Her favorite color is blue, but it "changes all the time," Tacey said. "I am indecisive, and all colors are pretty in their own way.”

Tacey thinks that if she were an animal, she would be a fish because she likes swimming, and some fish are really pretty, and she finds herself very pretty.

Her favorite feature about herself is her hair. She says: “I used to hate my hair a ton, but now learning how to do it more, I feel like it's a very close part of me.  I like how it looks sometimes when I know how to do it.”

Trypus’s one piece of advice she’d like to leave you with is, “Talk to as many people as you can cause everyone is so different, and everyone has different experiences that you can learn from.”

Written by: Alea Taylor, Staff Writer

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Tacey Trypus