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Zane Antonich

Zane Antonich, Staff Writer

Imagine seeing a student entering BPHS at 7:25 a.m. on their way to Scholastic Publications in a fully-thrifted outfit with their AirPods listening to "drive ME crazy!" by Lil Yachty or "Uncle John's Band" by Grateful Dead. Most would think, Man! This guy is awesome, and he is! This student is senior Zane Antonich.

This is Zane's first year taking Scholastic Publications. He took the class because a classmate told him to take it. It sounded fascinating to him.

Outside of school, he is involved in the Environmental and Chess Clubs.

Zane said: “I’m going to try to get a chair position this year in the Environmental Club. I’d like to be a big part of that. Chess Club is just something I enjoy.”

Along with his clubs, he enjoys boxing, playing video games, skateboarding, and working out. He also has a job at the car wash.

“Really, what don’t I do?” Zane said.

While balancing his hobbies, clubs, and job, Zane is active in his academics. His favorite class he has taken at BPHS is Philosophy because one of his favorite teachers is Mr. Bouch, and he thought the class was fun.

“Mr. Bouch is really funny and has a great way of teaching. He has great music taste. He always had a song of the day and it was always fire,” he said.

Another favorite teacher of his is Mr. O’Brien, who taught Zane Science 9 and Biology because he always made him feel comfortable in the classes.

Zane's favorite subject in school is history.

“History is the class of learning true stories and how we got to this point,” he said.

Looking to the future, Zane plans to attend either Slippery Rock or Duquesne for Pre-Law. He envisions himself being a Lawyer in New York. This has been his goal since his Pap Pap, his biggest inspiration, was a lawyer.

When asked about his biggest inspiration, Zane said: “My Pap Pap because he was a great lawyer. He passed away in 2020, and I plan to be a lawyer just like he was.”


Written by Meghan DeHaven: Editor-in-Chief

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Zane Antonich