Mr. Lape’s homeroom wins SGA holiday homeroom door decorating contest


Brooke Veith

Students’ in Mr. Lape’s homeroom decorated his door as a brick fireplace along with a wreath, stockings, and present.

The halls of BPHS were quite festive leading up to the week before the holiday break.  Students spent hours decorating their homeroom doors for the SGA homeroom door decorating contest. The holiday themes included everything from Peanuts to Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer to the Grinch.

Mr. Lape’s homeroom received first place in the contest.

His students in Room 231 decorated their door as a brick fireplace surrounded by stockings with their names on it and a wreath made out of rings of paper.

As a prize for their creativity, the homeroom was awarded donuts.

SGA has recently enjoyed hosting door decorating contests around popular holidays such as Christmas and Halloween. The contest is run by the Publicity Committee in SGA chaired by sophomore Maddy Sams and junior Lauren Heh.

Starting at the beginning of December, they planned a holiday-themed door decorating contest for all the homerooms to take part in. Students had from Dec. 1 to Dec. 17 to decorate the doors of their homeroom. On Dec. 21, SGA E-board chose their favorite doors.

When asked about the process SGA goes through when selecting the winners of the contest, Maddy Sams, SGA’s media coordinator said: “First we go around each of the floors and take a picture of each door. We collect the pictures into one folder, and then we consider effort, neatness, and creativity. For both contests, Lauren and I have narrowed down the doors to around 15. Then we have E-board narrow it down to 5.”

The other four homerooms that won received cookies. These homerooms include:

  • Second place – Mrs. Pfeffer (Room 232)
  • Third Place – Mr. O’Brien (Room 320) 
  • Fourth place – Mr. Christofano/Ms. Chapin (Room 328)
  • Fifth place – Mrs. Haefner (Room 403)

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