Meet Aubrey Manion

Meghan DeHaven, Managing Editor

Aubrey Manion is a senior at BPHS and is one of the dance captains in the spring musical, “The Addams Family.” Manion is also one of the Head Bethettes in the marching band and is a member of Top 21, NHS, and SGA.

Manion as a Featured Dancer and Dance Captain in last year’s production of “Cinderella” (Shelley Crowe)

Manion has done two shows prior to “The Addams Family.” She was a featured dancer in “Guys and Dolls” her freshman year and dance captain in “Cinderella” her junior year.

When asked about her past experience being a dance captain, Manion said: “I enjoyed being a dance captain last year because it was my first time having a leadership role. I loved getting to work with our previous choreographer Becky and dance with people I don’t get to dance with on a daily basis.”


Manion marching on the field as Head Bethette this past football season. (Shelley Crowe)


Manion is thrilled to perform as dance captain again.

She said: “I am looking forward to working with our new choreographer, Miss Landay, meeting all of the new dancers, dancing with them, and having fun hanging out before rehearsals.”

Manion has been dancing at the Academy of Dance by Lori for 15 years. She studies all styles of dance but focuses on jazz, tap, contemporary, and ballet. Although she dances many types of dance, doing the musical is where she gets to experience partner dancing rather than explicitly solo and group dance.

Manion said: “Dancing in the musicals is similar to the dance I do outside of school style-wise, but there is more partner work in musicals than I usually do at dance. Partner work is a fun addition to my dance experience and I’m very glad I get the opportunity to do this.”