Band Hoagies are back!


Meghan Krapp

The Marching Band marches in the Homecoming Parade.

Meghan DeHaven, Staff Writer

On Saturday, Sept. 18., BPHS Music Department students were at IMS making hoagies to fundraise for their spring trip to Disney. 

Traditionally, hoagies are made by students in grades 10 through 12 who participate in Marching Band or who are enrolled in music classes, such as Top 21, orchestra, and band. Unfortunately, 2020 caused this to change. 

Last year, band hoagies were not made by the students themselves because of safety concerns due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The Music Department only had a couple of sales last year before production of hoagies got shut down. Safety precautions were still in place on Saturday. While making the hoagies, masks were required as were hair nets and gloves.  

There are five hoagie sales throughout the school year. The next hoagie sale is Nov. 13. 

Each hoagie costs $7 and is 12 inches long. The Music Department sells three different types of hoagies: Turkey, Regular Italian, and Italian Special. Italian Special comes with lettuce and tomato on the side instead of being on the sandwich.

The Music Department also sells hoagies that are donated to a local mission.

Reach out to a Bethel Park Music Department student to see if they’re selling hoagies.