The student news of Bethel Park High School.

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2017-2018 Staff

Logan Wright

Staff Writer

Logan is a freshman at BPHS. His favorite things to do are play basketball and fish and listen to music. Logan hopes to get a job he likes and really enjoys. He took journalism because he thought it would be a good full...

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Stephanie Kroll

Staff Writer

Stephanie is a junior at Bethel Park High School. Her favorite things to do are listening to music and watching netflix. In the future, Stephanie hopes to get a job that she really enjoys doing. Stephanie took journalism because...

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Greydon Tomkowitz


BPHS senior Greydon Tomkowitz is the current Editor-In-Chief of Hawk Eye, a position he has served in for three years. Greydon joined the newspaper staff as a freshman where he designed and published the first ever print ed...

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Amber Schnupp

Staff Writer

Aspiring movie script writer, English class enthusiast, and current Target worker Amber Schnupp is returning to her esteemed position in the Hawk Eye staff for her senior year. Amber is committed to adding phenomenal coverage...

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Waverly Shiff

Staff Writer

If you were ever walking in the halls and saw a lengthy chick with long, wavy blonde hair and hippie-like style, then you just passed one of the newest additions to the high school, Waverly Shiff, a 9th grader. Not only is...

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Jayden Harris

Staff Writer

You might've seen her flying through the open skies above Bethel Park, tumbling and twirling and-- no, not really. If she could have any superpower, though, it would be the ability to fly. Close enough. This is freshman Jayden...

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Ty Miller

Staff Writer

Lebron James, Floyd Mayweather, Tom Brady: they all have one thing in common, they're fighting to be the second biggest thing in sports today. Just like the great Ricky Bobby said, "If you ain't first, you're last.” They're...

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Meredith Metropolus

Staff Writer

Meredith Metropulos is a funky girl who has a great heart and is very interesting to get to know more about. There are those people in everyone's life that even though you may not necessarily become friends with, they're grateful ...

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Morgan McGrath

Staff Writer

Morgan McGrath--a sophomore at heart, as that was her favorite year of school--is currently a senior at BPHS. Morgan participates in many school activities such as writing for the Hawk Eye and playing the saxophone in the marching b...

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The student news of Bethel Park High School.