Student Spotlight: Cami Fisher

Cami Fisher prepares to serve the ball in the girls tennis match vs. Oakland Catholic on Oct. 2.
Cami Fisher prepares to serve the ball in the girls tennis match vs. Oakland Catholic on Oct. 2.
Liz Mackey

With her 4.35 GPA and WPIAL title in tennis, freshman Cami Fisher shows her hard work and dedication to BPHS.

Fisher and senior Lily Sierka captured a section and WPIAL doubles title. The team as a whole also won a section and WPIAL title.

When asked how she felt about the win, Fisher said: “Our tennis team this year was very successful… It was the first time a Bethel Park Girls Tennis team won a WPIAL championship in doubles or as a team. It felt amazing to accomplish something like this. It’s still surreal. It felt especially great to do it with the group of girls who I’ve grown up playing with.”

Along with playing tennis for 11 years, Fisher has played lacrosse for eight years. She also is heavily involved in clubs such as SGA, DECA, Best Buddies, and Ways and Means. 

Fisher recently won the Student of the Month award for October. She believes she won because of her academics, success on the tennis team, and relationships with her teachers.

When asked who her biggest inspiration is, Fisher said: “My biggest inspiration is my parents because they always encourage me and support me in everything I do. This is true whether it involves sports, school, or anything else. They always push me to do my best and have given me everything I need to succeed.”

From an outside eye, Fisher seems dedicated to tennis and school, but there are some facts about her people may only know if they talk to her.

When she was a child, her dream job was to be an actress, but she now wants to enter the marketing and sales field.

One of her favorite classes she’s taken so far is Introduction to Culinary Skills. Her favorite season is summer, her favorite movie is “Aladdin,” and her favorite song is “The Grudge” by Olivia Rodrigo.

A fun fact about Fisher is that she is a twin. Her twin’s name is Colton and they have a younger brother named Cayson. 

Fisher is the daughter of social studies teacher Mr. Fisher and special education teacher Mrs. Fisher.

When asked what advice she would give to incoming freshmen, Fisher said: “My tip for incoming freshmen is to be yourself and don’t be nervous because high school is not as scary as it seems. One thing that helped me was being on the tennis team because I got to make friends before the school year started.”

If you see her in the hall, be sure to say hello. And look for her on the lacrosse field come spring.

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