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Jacob Toth

Jacob Toth, Staff Writer

When Jacob Toth isn't at school, you would most likely find him at the gym either working on weightlifting or cardio. Jacob says he goes to the gym so he can, "get big." If you can't find Jacob at the gym, he will most likely be working hard bagging your groceries at Shop n' Save.

The reason senior Jacob Toth decided he wanted to take Journalism for the second time in his high school career is that he wants to tell the students of BPHS about his opinion (political) or write feature articles about various topics.

Although it may seem like Journalism is Jacob Toth's favorite class in school, that is not the case. His favorite class is Woodshop because he enjoys hands-on activities and building things.

After Jacob Toth graduates this year, he plans on getting his CDL so he can become a truck driver. Jacob wants to become a truck driver because he enjoys traveling and believes that he is a great driver.

When Jacob Toth is older and he has somewhere to travel not in the 18 wheeler, he wants to travel to Las Vegas. Jacob wants to go to Las Vegas because he wants to gamble and win tons of money.

Jacob is ready for another year of writing for the newspaper and showing his political knowledge and opinionated knowledge to BPHS. Who knows, maybe Jake will write a feature article about you in the school newspaper.


Written By: Matthew Scabilloni, Staff Writer

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Students taking a test at the University of Vienna at the end of the summer term 2005 (Saturday, June 25, 2005).

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Jacob Toth