Why I think we will be back to normal this summer

Jacob Toth, Staff Writer

It has been officially one year since the COVID-19 Pandemic started. The good news is that we have four different vaccines. I think we will be getting back to normal life in no time. Here is a prediction of how I think things will roll out over the summer.

I have a pretty good estimate that by June all places will be opened up to full capacity and we will gradually hear fewer people say “social distance” or “stay six feet apart.” I think many stores will start taking down the plastic shields at the checkout counters, and they will take all the social distancing tape off the floors.

I think in July with the weather getting warmer, people are going to be very lenient on COVID restrictions and start to not care anymore at this point. It will be well over a year since COVID started and people will have had enough.

I think lots of businesses and schools will not require masks anymore because the virus would no longer be a threat because of the enormous amount of vaccinations by then. Also, I think all signs will be taken down that say anything about COVID.  Schools will reopen five days a week with no masks and with no virtual option at all.

At this point, I think we will officially not be in a pandemic anymore and COVID-19 will just be known as the second cold or flu, and people if they choose would just get a yearly vaccine at their local Rite Aid, Walgreens, or CVS. If people still get COVID at this point, people will not have to quarantine; instead, people would just use home remedies to treat COVID such as cold and allergy pills, and they just try to stay away from people as you would with the regular cold or flu.

This is just my prediction. I could be right or wrong.

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