SAT to go digital in 2024


Pixabay, cc

Beginning in 2024, students will no longer have to complete scantrons when taking the SAT.

Jacob Toth, Opinions Editor

Since 1926, high school students have been taking the SAT in anticipation of getting accepted into their dream college. They have all been paper tests strictly monitored in a room of test proctors. In 2024, some of this may change.

By 2024, the Education Testing Service (the company in charge of producing, administering, and grading the SAT tests) has made a decision to ditch the paper and pencil and make the SAT tests entirely online.

They made this decision for many reasons. Priscilla Rodriguez of the college board said, “The digital SAT will be easier to take, easier to give, and more relevant.”

This will be beneficial to students in many ways. One of the new changes is that it will be shortened from a three-hour test to a two-hour test. It will also include shorter reading passages, and most importantly, it will allow students to use a calculator in all parts of the math section.

It is still a requirement that students take the test in a testing center or at a high school in the presence of test proctors.  Students can either use a school-provided device or an approved device of their own such as a laptop or tablet. No cell phones are allowed as usual.

Autosave is another feature when it comes to online testing so that students will not have to stress or worry about losing their work progress.