Types of arm workouts to get huge, bulky arms

Jacob Toth, Staff Writer

If you are interested in working out and gaining some muscle, here are some exercises that are good to begin with.

Bicep Curls- This exercise is the most basic way to bulk up your biceps, and the motion is pretty simple. Keep your elbows stationary and your back straight and curl the dumbbells towards your shoulders.

Tricep Kickbacks- This exercise works your triceps. Simply stand bent over with your torso and legs at a 90-degree angle and hold the dumbbell with your arms bent, and then extend your arm.

Reverse Barbell Curl- This works your biceps a little but mainly your forearm muscles which are in the lower part of your arms.

Wrist Curls- This exercise works entirely on your forearms. Simply just lay your forearms on a bench allowing your wrist to hang over the edge and hold the dumbbells and curl your wrists.

These are the only workouts you need to get huge arms. If you add these to your arm day routine, in about a few months of doing this, you will realize some results.