BPHS to host “Fireworks on the Fourth”


Malik Yasin

The official "Fireworks on the Fourth" poster.

Jacob Toth, Staff Writer

BPHS will be hosting “Fireworks on Fourth” for its annual fall play November 7-9 at 7:30 p.m. in the BPHS auditorium. This play was written and is directed by English teacher Mrs. Williams.  Mrs. Williams has been in charge of the fall play for six years and this is the fifth play she has written.

She was inspired to write this play because she saw a Fourth of July parade. She thought of everything that can go wrong during a parade. While writing the play, she talked to the planners of the parades.

This play is a comedy about a small town that is in danger of losing its yearly Fourth of July parade to a competing town. There is an organizing committee that tries to save the parade by attendance.

Mrs. Willaims said: “Our cast of talented fall play alumni and newcomers are doing an excellent job bringing out all the comedic elements in the script. Stage crew is also working hard on the show, and they are creating awesome sets and exciting new technical effects for the play. Additionally, the members of the Art Club are contributing their amazing talent to the show, and they are painting the buildings for our final scene.”

At the performances of the fall play, there will be community members honored such as on Thursday, Nov. 7, Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts will be honored. On Friday, Nov. 8, Bethel Park Veterans and service members will be honored, and on Saturday, Nov. 9, emergency responders will be honored.

Tickets to the play are $5 each and can be purchased at the door.

Mrs. Williams hopes everyone will enjoy this performance.

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