Disadvantages of school dances


Katie Crooks

Students dance at the Glowfest Dance on Dec. 16, 2017.

Jacob Toth, Staff Writer

School dances have been around for decades, and while many people may think that school dances are fun, they are ignoring the many disadvantages of them. In fact, there are way more disadvantages than advantages.

For example, there is a lot of pressure on students to find dates and some kids might feel left out if they don’t have a date. This can lower self-esteem and hurt reputation by people ridiculing them because they are dateless.

Also, the cost of dance tickets is outrageous. I would rather put my money toward food or a car or you know something actually useful like college for example than pay for some foolish school dance.

To continue, people make such a big deal about something that is not even that big of a deal. People put so much unnecessary time and poster board to ask people to school dances when quite frankly he or she can say no.

Furthermore, if someone says no, rejection could lead to students feeling upset for a long period of time and could possibly lead to depression later in life, which is not good obviously.

School dances also imply that it is not okay to be single; however, in reality, it is perfectly okay to be single, but evidently this is not what dances imply.

So, instead of spending money on school dances, spend it on something else. You will thank me later.

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