Jake’s top 5 favorite Thanksgiving foods

Jacob Toth, Staff Writer

5.) Broccoli Casserole. Even if you do not like broccoli, you will love this dish that has mushroom soup and cheese in it along with very small pieces of broccoli mixed through it.

4.) Cranberry Sauce.  The flavor of this is outstanding. The sauce is better than the actual cranberries. I like to add this to my plate and mix it around with other things.

3.) Stuffing. I like the classic stovetop stuffing in any flavor. Most people make their stuffing from scratch, but in my house, we keep it simple and just keep adding water to box stuffing until it tastes like the real stuff.

2.) Kings Hawaiian Sweet Rolls. These bread rolls have a very unique flavor to them. Thanksgiving is not complete without them, I always top them off with lots of butter.

1.) Sweet Potato Casserole. This has been a tradition in my house for a very long time. It is made with fresh sweet potatoes, and it has a crunchy brown sugar butter and riced, crispy topping baked on top of it.