Should students be suspended for self defense?


Jacob Toth via

Schools should not suspend for self-defense

Jacob Toth, Staff Writer

Schools across the world have been condemning any form of violence for many centuries. One thing schools completely overlook is the victim’s side of fights, such as defending yourself in a possible life-threating situation.

Schools are basically implying that if someone starts to fight you that you are not supposed to fight back, or, in other words, they start it, we finish it. This is unbelievable, of course, because you should fight back. It could possibly be a very dangerous fight.

Some may argue with me and say that any form of fighting is wrong but you have to put yourself in the victim’s shoes. How would you feel if someone started a fight with you first and you got suspending for fighting back just to protect yourself when you did nothing wrong at all? That’s not right.

Someone should talk to school boards across America to let them know that they should watch surveillance footage more meticulously and actually figure out the truth in fights and stop suspending innocent people who just want to defend themselves.

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