5 tips when choosing classes


Hawk Eye Staff

The word “academics” welcomes students to said wing of the school.

Jacob Toth, Opinions Editor

It is that time of year again, the second semester when students pick their classes for next year. Whether you are an incoming freshman or if you are going to be a senior, here are some tips when picking your classes.

  1. Study the Course Selection Guide carefully. This guide is your friend when choosing your classes as it shows you all the classes that BPHS offers. It gives you details on what the classes will be like; for example, if it is a full year or half-year class or if there are any prerequisites, what grade you have to be in order to take the class, etc.
  2. Talk with your guidance counselors. Your guidance counselor will help inform you on what classes are best for you and which classes are required of you.
  3. Talk with your friends or peers about what classes they are taking. This will help relieve some first-day-of-school stress when you see some familiar faces in your classes. This comes in handy when it is a new class that you never tried before.
  4. Credits. Make sure you have enough credits to graduate high school. You need a total of 27 when choosing your classes, so make sure everything adds up to 27 by the end of senior year. See the grade-level reference sheets on the school’s website.
  5. Don’t overload your schedule. Be sure to add in a lunch period and a study hall. We all function better when we have a midday break from the stressful school work.

If you are confused or have questions about anything, ask your teachers and guidance counselors.