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Meghan Krapp, Staff Writer

For only being a sophomore at BPHS, Meghan Krapp has a bright future ahead of her. Being deeply involved in everything that she does, Krapp is as perseverant and talented as they come.

Krapp has been playing lacrosse for eight consecutive years; she’s on the school’s lacrosse team, and she plays for the Pittsburgh club team, Intrepid.

Her freshman year, she took part in PACS and DECA, and she hopes to continue with them for the following years. This is Meghan’s first year writing for Hawk Eye. 

“I like to write and wanted to do something fun with it. I hope to write interesting stories that people would really want to read,” Krapp said. 

When asked if she had any ideas as to what she wanted to do post-high school, Krapp implied that anything that makes her future self happy and drives her passion would be just right. She hopes that she can find that passion in journalism and pursue it as a future career. She also hopes to be able to play lacrosse while doing so. 

Most days after school, she either practices lacrosse, hangs out with her friends, or finishes up her schoolwork. During quarantine, she could be seen learning to skateboard, reading, or working out.

Krapp, a Billy Joel fan at heart, said that she dreams of traveling to Vienna, Austria because of how beautiful the song “Vienna” by Billy Joel describes it. 

She loves to indulge in white cheese pizza with no sauce and a side of ranch when she’s hungry.

If Krapp were granted one superpower, she’d want to be able to communicate with animals to understand and connect with them. 

Krapp's idea of a perfect date is either a simple stroll through a park or something adventurous, like touring new places.


Written by: Anna Counihan, Staff Writer

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