Six months later, students could be walking the halls again


Hawk Eye Staff

An empty classroom awaits the arrival of students.

Bethel Park students could be returning to the classroom as early as Oct. 5.

The School Board plans to meet on Tuesday, Sept. 29 at 7 discuss and vote on adopting the hybrid return-to-school plan.

On Sept. 1, all Bethel Park students started the new school year from home. This virtual way of learning was adopted by the Bethel Park administration and staff after a vote was held by the School Board on Aug. 11.

Due to the coronavirus, the School Board felt this was the best and safest plan for the first month of the new school year. 

Under the hybrid model, which would remain in effect until Dec. 23, students will return to school on their two assigned synchronous days per week. For asynchronous days, students will participate in remote learning.

If this new idea is not adopted, then the school year will continue in the virtual learning model.

If you’re interested in learning more about the meeting, BPTV videotapes the regular meetings and airs them on Comcast Channel 17 and Verizon Channel 31 six days a week, and they also post videos of the meetings on their YouTube channel, BPTV.

Click here for Board meeting agendas and minutes.