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Catherine Carberry

Catherine Carberry, Staff Writer, Photographer

Watch out BPHS, freshman Catherine Carberry is the next cross country star and will pass you up on the track during track season.

 As mentioned above, Catherine is on the cross country and indoor and outdoor track teams. Participating in all three sports keeps her very busy.  Her evening activities include eating, showering, doing homework, and then lighting her Christmas candle. 

She hopes to be working on social media pages and taking pictures. Catherine also wants to write sports articles. Her goal is to bring entertainment to Hawk Eye and take good pictures too. She joined the class so she can learn to write better,  and she also wants to work with social media accounts.

Catherine may just be a freshman,  but she has an idea of what she wants to do in the future. She hopes to attend Penn State University and get a degree in criminology. After college,  she hopes to go to Quantico for FBI training. She hopes to become a DEA agent or criminal investigator for the FBI. This is also her dream job so she hopes to accomplish it.

Her favorite thing to do with her friends is go to the mall, ice skate , or walk around Uptown in Mt. Lebanon. When asked where her dream vacation is she said, "I’d like to go to Montana because it is a big ski area and the nature is really nice. I'd love to snowboard there." She would also love to visit California too. 

Her goals for high school are to get a high GPA and competitive SAT score and get into a good college.  She hopes to make good memories this year and work hard. She has a goal in cross country to get top 10 in varsity for all four years.

Something that keeps her going is the thought that she thinks her younger self would be proud of her now.

A fun thing you should know about Catherine is that she prefers Starbucks over Dunkin. Her go-to Starbucks order is a venti strawberry acai refresher with lemonade and light ice and a cake pop. Her favorite animal is a black cat. Her favorite class is woodworking.


Written by: Ana Winowich, Features Editor

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Catherine Carberry