L.E.A.D. sessions are back!


Ana Winowich

Students participate in jazz dancing during a L.E.A.D. session on Sept. 14.

The year has officially begun which means L.E.A.D. (Learning Enrichment Activity Day) session sign-ups are hitting students’ mailboxes! Now, before you just decide to take a study hall during this flex period, consider all of the benefits that come with participating in this event.

In the most recent L.E.A.D. session, there were various activities that you could’ve chosen from that included both physical and mental exercises.

For those looking for a way to let loose and move their bodies, there were five sessions that included physical movement. 

Heading out to one of our stadiums, you could have signed up to take part in Wiffle ball, pickleball, or kickball! All of these great sports can take you back to game days during P.E. class and provide a nail-biting match.

Students participate in Wiffle ball at the stadium during a L.E.A.D. session on Sept. 14. (Meghan Krapp)

To spice it up, you could’ve taken on a little jazz dancing in our wrestling room or dart throwing in Room 215. With activities such as these, don’t be hesitant if you haven’t participated in them before, they are there to help you learn. When you leave, you could end up being a pro!

Last school year, Paul Baronak tried beekeeping for the first time and stated that he “learned a lot and had fun!”

For those who were looking to spark inner creativity, there was storytelling, quiet reading, and even painting with watercolor. 

Students show off their watercolor paintings during a L.E.A.D. session on Sept. 14. (Ana Winowich)

Taking a step back from your day-to-day school work and exercising your mind in a way without the dread of deadlines can be extremely beneficial. It allows you to focus on solely what you’re doing at that moment and can expand your mind.

This past week, student Alayna Banks participated in painting with watercolor and said it, “was very relaxing but it also gave you the opportunity to be creative.”

For upperclassmen or even underclassmen who were curious, there was a college application & Naviance class. Applying to college is intimidating. There are a lot of tasks that need to be completed, and some are hard to figure out. This session gave you time to talk to your counselor about any questions you have without having to take time out of your school day to attend a private meeting with your counselor. 

Students learn how to apply for college and navigate Naviance from BPHS counselor Mrs. Smith during a L.E.A.D. session on Sept. 14. (Meghan Krapp)

If you wanted a challenge, you could’ve looked into Chess with Friends, Introduction to Raspberry Pi, Drone Flying, Genealogy and Your Family Tree, or Gratitude Mapping. These are difficult topics to master, but with practice and exploration, you can achieve success with them.

Colin Fink tested drone flying and said that “It was absolutely stunning! The plastic bits, the little spinning propellers, the whole shebang. I was shocked at how easy it was to fly them.” 

Students learn from Mr. K how to fly drones during a L.E.A.D. session on Sept. 14. (Meghan Krapp)

Some L.E.A.D. sessions change each month, while others remain constant.

These sessions are here to switch things up a little bit in the school day and help students discover new interests. Hopefully, next month you can participate in something you truly enjoy!