BPHS student offers affordable, gorgeous nails in self-owned business


Cici Diorio

Junior Cici Diorio is the owner of Cici’s Nails which specializes in high quality, affordable nails.

Have you ever wanted stunning, professional-looking nails but have never had the money to do it? Well, now you can have those lovely nails without having to waste all your money going to a salon!

BPHS junior Cecilia Diorio has created her own nail company that makes having gorgeous nails inexpensive and high quality.

Diorio started her company called Cici’s Nails less than a year ago. Since then, she has sold over 3,000 nail sets in total, averaging about 30 sets a month.

“Going to the salons and paying $60+ on nails that maybe last a few weeks with having to pay more for designs, I was sick of it,” said Diorio. “So I started doing my own! After about a year of teaching myself nail art and really perfecting my designs, I started to have people ask me Who did your nails? and Where do you get your nails done? and How much did you pay for those? Everyone was blown away when I explained that I did them myself! After about a year of that, I decided to start selling them!”

Cici’s Nails really started booming in November after she posted a TikTok that received 1 million views and over 130k likes!

Diorio hand makes the nails herself. They are made of plastic, and she then adds a thin layer of builder gel to keep them strong and durable so they don’t endure any cracks. The nails can then be applied by the customer with either sticky tabs or nail glue.

The designs on the nails are also made by Diorio. 

“Most all of the designs posted, I’ve come up with myself,” said Diorio. “Obviously, with some inspiration as well as when I do customs they are often either a thought somebody had or I recreate an idea or design they found elsewhere!”

The average price for a set ranges from $20-$30, which is the same price as a small design at a nail salon. Customers can personalize their nail set or buy a set already pre-made.

Every set includes a how-to apply card, nail glue, sticky tabs, alcohol wipes, a nail file, stickers, and a Cici’s Nails business card.

As of right now, Diorio has shipped her designs to every state in America, and she just recently started shipping to Canada. Standard shipping is $5.

“I hope to be able to be big enough to have multiple people working for me, and to ship all across the world,” Diorio said.

If you are interested in buying a nail set or have further questions about the business, the Instagram and TikTok handles for Cici’s Nails are @cicis.nails.