Athlete Spotlight: Girls lacrosse player cradles athletics, academics


Tyler Krchmar

#13 Tori Krapp gets ready to take the draw on the lacrosse field.

A force to be reckoned with, #13 on the lacrosse field shows athletes just what they should strive to be like.

BPHS senior Tori Krapp is an academically and athletically diverse student.

Krapp has been playing the sport of lacrosse for 10 years since she was 8.

My favorite thing about playing lacrosse is being a part of a team while also playing the game I love with my best friends.

— Tori Krapp







“My favorite thing about playing lacrosse is being a part of a team while also playing the game I love with my best friends,” said Krapp. “I love the opportunities and friendships lacrosse has given to me.”

Tori Krapp wins the draw during the girls lacrosse game against Latrobe on April 6, 2021. (Paul Studt via

 Krapp has been the captain of the Bethel Park girls lacrosse team since her sophomore year.

“I am glad to have the opportunity to be a captain of the lacrosse team,” said Krapp. “I like leading and helping my fellow teammates when needed. I am glad to help and give guidance to a great group of girls.”

“Tori is a rare talent on and off the field,” said BPHS girls lacrosse head coach Becky Luzier. “Not only is she unflappable in the face of adversity, she’s a fantastic leader off the field and brings a level of maturity to her position as Captain that isn’t often seen at this age.”

Along with playing for Bethel Park, Krapp also plays for the True Lacrosse Midwest 2022 Team and the True Lacrosse 2022 National Team.

“My proudest accomplishment was making the True Lacrosse 2022 National Team,” said Krapp. “I had tried out for the team just to get my name out there to the college coaches that head it and ended up making the team and getting to travel with them and play.”

And during her time on the National Team, she sure attracted a lot of attention from college coaches around the area.

“I decided to pursue lacrosse at the collegiate level because I truly enjoy playing the game and being a part of a team,” Krapp said.

To continue her lacrosse career at the collegiate level, Krapp committed to play D2 lacrosse at Seton Hill University. 

Tori Krapp gives a thumbs up after signing her NLI on Nov. 10, 2021. Tori will continue playing lacrosse at Seton Hill University. (Meghan Krapp)

“I chose to continue my lacrosse career at Seton Hill University because they offered everything I wanted in a school academically and athletically,” Krapp said. “I love the campus and the people. I had the opportunity to play under the two assistant coaches in travel lacrosse and meet the head coach, Coach Grove, and really liked SHU’s coaching staff and their philosophies. It was also close to home so I could visit family and friends and they could come see my games.”

The person who most inspires Krapp in her sport is her mom.

I see all the things [my mom] has accomplished while living with a disability and it pushes me to work harder to someday be tough and inspirational like her.

— Tori Krapp

“I see all the things she has accomplished while living with a disability and it pushes me to work harder to someday be tough and inspirational like her,” Krapp said.

Krapp’s mom was born with glaucoma and her vision got worse with time. She is legally blind.

Tori poses with her sister Meghan and parents after signing her NLI to continue her lacrosse career at Seton Hill on Nov. 10, 2021. (Meghan Krapp)

Along with lacrosse, Krapp is an amazing student with a lot of accomplishments to her name. 

She is involved in many clubs at BPHS including SGA, NHS, DECA, Best Buddies, Campus Life, Ways and Means, Homecoming Committee, and Yearbook.

At Seton Hill University, Krapp plans to major in Biology and follow a Pre-Med path. 

After completing her four years of undergraduate at SHU, Krapp plans to study at Lake Erie College of Medicine and receive a D.O.

“It has always been my dream to do something in medicine so I can work every day to help improve people’s lives,” Krapp said.

If a genie gave her three wishes, Krapp would wish for her mother to have her sight back, money, and to resolve homelessness in adults and children.

Some of Krapp’s hobbies are listening to music, hanging with friends, and traveling.

The song that hypes her up before a lacrosse game is “The Spins” by Mac Miller. 

If she could have dinner with any celebrity dead or alive, she would dine with Mac Miller.

If she could eat one food for the rest of her life, she would eat seafood pasta bake.

If she could have any superpower, she would want to be invisible so she could get into places for free and disappear when she wants. 

If she could travel to anywhere in the world, she would go to the Territorio de Zaguates, Costa Rica because it is an island full of stray dogs and her favorite animal is dogs. 

If she had a time machine and could only go back to one time period, she would go back to prehistoric times so she could see dinosaurs and what they looked like when they existed. 

“Tori is level-headed and can be trusted to make the right decision always but also knows how to lighten the mood to keep her team from getting too tense during moments of challenge,” said Becky Luzier. “Tori is an unsung hero in a lot of ways on the field but has been a draw-specialist since the moment she entered the program – which is fitting because the draw sets the tone for the entire game and so does Tori’s leadership, work ethic, and tenacity.”