The student news of Bethel Park High School.

Hawk Eye

The student news of Bethel Park High School.

Hawk Eye

The student news of Bethel Park High School.

Hawk Eye

Sydney Edwards

Sydney Edwards, Staff Writer

Hardworking, smart, brave, kind, and inspirational.

Senior Sydney Edwards starts her first year on the Hawk Eye staff prepared to make a bang!

“I hope to create articles that people find engaging and hope to capture some great pictures for the yearbook,” remarked Sydney.

Sydney decided to add Scholastic Publications to her senior year schedule because of a very convincing friend.

“I am friends with one of the journalists at Hawk Eye, Meghan Krapp, and I thought what she was doing was interesting and wanted to join,” Sydney said.

Sydney hopes to make her mark on the newspaper and yearbook this year.

“I plan to write articles about our high school’s different clubs for the purpose of updating students about what their fellow peers are working on,” said Sydney.

Sydney is not just a member of the Hawk Eye staff, she is Editor-In-Chief of the school’s literary magazine Vernisage.

“It is fascinating to see people’s personalities emerge through their personal works of art and literature,” said Sydney.

Along with Literary Magazine, Sydney is also a member of STAND.

Her favorite subject in school is psychology because she finds the topics interesting.

Sydney’s greatest accomplishment is becoming the Senior Athlete Rep for Allegheny Mountain Swimming.

“It was a position I had to work hard for, so I was proud that I accomplished it,” said Sydney.

After school, she can be seen either working at a hair salon called The Fringe Studio, cycling, or spending time with friends.

After she graduates from high school, Sydney plans to go to college and find her future career while she’s there.

Her dream job is something that doesn’t stress her out 24/7.

She has one younger brother named Jackson.

Running around her home you can also find her dog Miles and her three cats Yoda, Noel, and Sass.

When asked who/what inspires her, Sydney said, “My family, friends, and people who make a difference in our community have always driven me to do great things.”

Sydney loves to decorate.

“Whether it’s for holidays or just because, decorating is one of my favorite things to do,” said Sydney.

Her favorite book is "The Comeback" by Ella Berman.

“It is a beautiful feminist novel that highlights how women can be taken advantage of in the film industry,” Sydney described.

Cats and good-fitting jeans make Sydney the happiest in the world.

Her favorite activity is cycling at her local spin studio.

If she could travel to any place in the world, Sydney would go to France because she loves breads and pastries.

If she had a time machine and could go to any time, past or future, Sydney would go back to the 90s because that is her favorite fashion era.

Her favorite music artist would be Harry Styles. At the moment, her favorite song by him is “Daylight”.

If Sydney could have any superpower, she would choose to be like The Flash and obtain super speed.

Sydney explained, “When the world around you is moving in slow motion, there is little you can’t accomplish.”

Her perfect date would be pumpkin carving on a cool fall afternoon.

If Sydney could eat dinner with any celebrity dead or alive, she would be eating pasta with Taylor Swift.

Sydney rubs a lamp and a genie comes out, she wishes for perfect hair, the power to cure, and a list of books that she is guaranteed to love.

“Writing is my passion and I’m thrilled to be a part of the Hawk Eye staff this year!” exclaimed Sydney.


Written by: Meghan Krapp, Editor-In-Chief

All content by Sydney Edwards