Athlete Spotlight: Chloe McDaniel

No. 19 on the volleyball court and 29 on the lacrosse field, junior Chloe McDaniel is a hard-working athlete and an overall amazing person. 

McDaniel has been playing volleyball for five years now. She plays the positions of middle hitter and/or blocker. McDaniel is one of the captains for the Lady Hawks team and is a great team leader. 

“Chloe is one of our captains this year and she is an enthusiastic leader on the court. She is eager for the ball and when she gets it she makes big plays,” said Lady Hawks coach Brooke Muraco. 

The song that hypes McDaniel up before a game is “Break My Stride” by Matthew Wilder.

One of McDaniel’s proudest accomplishments occurred this year during her volleyball season when she made the first-team all-section along with her teammate Alexa.

McDaniel hopes to continue her volleyball career into college.

Along with volleyball, McDaniel is also an asset to the girls lacrosse team. She has been playing the sport for seven years and is a defensive player.  McDaniel has played on the varsity lacrosse team both her freshman and sophomore years.

“Chloe is a very versatile player. Her size and game awareness make her great in the open field and she has put a lot of time into her stick work so she can contribute on offense when needed,” said the girl’s lacrosse head coach Becky Luzier. “Chloe’s natural strength is at defense and she is the kind of shutdown defender that offenses hate to come up against. She can control the ball carrier without fouling and her anticipation skills make her great at causing turnovers.”

When asked who inspires her to work hard in volleyball and lacrosse, McDaniel said her family, but especially her father.

“He has pushed me to do great things and reminds me every day, whether it’s practice or a game, to just worry about myself and to not let anyone put me down. Along with telling me to give it my all, and that if it doesn’t work, I have the next day to improve!” said McDaniel. “He has never missed a game and is always there to cheer me on and I thank him for that, so he is the reason why I work my butt off while playing the sports I love.”

McDaniel is also involved in multiple clubs at her school, including DECA, Ways and Means/homecoming, and PACS.

She also likes to draw and make bracelets, and her secret talent is juggling.

If Chloe could have dinner with any celebrity, dead or alive, she would be eating soft pretzels with Simon Cowell.  Probably somewhere in Iceland is her dream vacation spot.

If McDaniel was given three wishes, she would wish for all of her friends and family to live a happy life and for them to succeed, to have her dream house when she is older, and to time travel.  And if she could travel to any time period she would go back to the early 2000s so that she could be a kid again.

Chloe is an exceptional player on the volleyball court and lacrosse field, as well as a prominent BPHS student.