Should schools go remote or stay hybrid amidst the COVID-19 surge?

The question of whether students should go back to school or stay remote has been a repeating question throughout the country.

Some say that staying home is safer and a more efficient way to control the coronavirus, while others think that just living our normal lives will eventually make us used to the virus.

A poll posted on Hawk Eye’s Instagram asked the prolonging question: “Should students return to school, or stay at home amidst the recent Covid-19 surge?” 161 people voted on the poll. 98 voted to stay remote while 63 voted to go back to a hybrid learning environment.

And, I would have to agree with the majority. I believe that staying remote for the time being is the best and safest option for students, staff, and family members.

While being at home can make it difficult to learn, I’d rather get these hard times over with now so we don’t have to deal with these issues in the future.

I believe that if we all collectively stay at home and stay safe, not attending large gatherings, hanging out with our friends, etc., then the worst days will be behind us in no time.

Learning remotely right now is the best way to ensure that we can go back to school safe and healthy.