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Erin Dublin, Editor-in-chief

Creative. Unique. Inspiring.  Whether it's in the computer lab or art room, you will see Erin Dublin thinking of great ideas.

Erin is a senior at BPHS and this is her second year in a row doing journalism.  Erin is back writing this year because of how great the class is and how great of a teacher Allemang is.  She even wants to become a journalist for the Post-Gazette in the future.

But before she writes for them, Erin plans on going to CCAC for two years to finish her normal classes, then she'll transfer to Point Park to study Journalism.

But while she's still at BPHS, her favorite subject besides Journalism is art and video, but she mentions, "Any class where Allemang is the teacher I love."

Outside of writing articles, Erin likes to come up with some project ideas, do some painting, and play video games on the weekend.  Another hobby that she will eventually do is work at Build-a-Bear Workshop in the Bethel Park Mall in November.

Erin even mentioned that if she had a superpower, she would want the ability to teleport anyway.  She said it would make life a lot easier for her.

Disney World would be her dream vacation, considering she's never been there before in her life.

Overall, Erin is a really good worker and person to be around and Hawk Eye is more than happy to have her back.


Written by: Dylan Shields, Staff Writer

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