Video: “Name That Tune” S2E3 Students vs. Teachers


Erin Dublin

Joey Bova agonizes over not knowing the song in his matchup with Dr. J.

Erin Dublin, Editor-in-Chief

Students and teachers compete in this week’s episode of “Name That Tune.”

In Round 1, Parker Loera and Mr. Kreigline go head-to-head.

Reigning champion Joey Bova and Mr. Winschel duke it out in Round 2.

Mr. Triscila and Aidan Gorman duel in Round 3.

In Round 4, Dr. J takes on the winner of Round 2.

Mr. Vic and Bella battle in Round 5.

The winner of Round 3 and the winner of Round 4 joust in Round 6.

The winner of Round 5 and the winner of Round 1 compete in Round 7.

In the final round, the winners of Round 6 and Round 7 vie for the crown.