Get to know Mr. Knapp: January Staff Member of the Month


Katie Crooks

Mr. Knapp (far right), poses with Mr. Bruce (far left), and Mr. Jones (middle).

Erin Dublin, Staff Writer

Mr. Knapp is a guidance counselor who’s been working at BPHS as a counselor/coach since 1991. He was the head varsity girls basketball from 1995-97 here and an assistant for 10 years prior to becoming the head coach.


He graduated from this fine institution in 1979.

Knapp is extremely friendly and always takes time out of his day to say hello to someone. He was named PACS Staff Member of the Month for January.

In an interview with Knapp, he said,  “I LOVE MY POSITION at BPHS because it allows me the opportunity to influence young men and women as they develop into productive citizens of the good old USA.”

Mr. Knapp considers his job as him being an employee of a business and the students being his clients. He “serves” answers to our problems.