Video: “Name That Tune” S2E6


Erin Dubin

Parker Loera and Hunter Junazski vie for the crown in “Name That Tune.”

In this episode of “Name That Tune,” which is unofficially sponsored by Stauffer’s Animal Crackers, students battle it out over songs from the 2000s.

The first round features Parker Loera and Hunter Junazski.

In Round 2, it’s Tommy “Bones” DiRienzo and Liv Westphal.

Ryan Meis and Dan Del Bene duke it out in Round 3.

In Round 4, it’s Joey Bova vs. Matt Szymanowski.

In Round 5, the winners of Rounds 2 and 3 challenge each other.

The winners of Rounds 1 and 4 faceoff in Round 6.

The final round features the winners of Rounds 5 and 6.