Video: Name That Tune: Episode 4


Erin Dublin

Mr. Allemang and Joey Bova go head-to-head in Round 1.

In this episode of “Name That Tune,” contestants try to name the movie that the tune is in.

In Round 1, Mr. Allemang and Joey Bova square off.

It’s Logan Wright and Parker Loera going head-to-head in Round 2.

Ryan Meis and Matt Szymanowksi duke it out in Round 3.

In Round 4, Juliana Carbone and Olivia Westphal faceoff.

In Round 5, Sarah Pellis and Tyler Schultz challenge each other.

Anthony Chiccitt takes on the winner of Round 3 in Round 6.

In Round 7, the winners of Rounds 1, 4, and 6 compete.

The winners of Rounds 2, 3, and 5 grapple in Round 8.

The Championship Round features the winners of Rounds 7 and 8.

Who will take the crown?  Watch and see.