Steelers curb BPPD in annual basketball game


Erin Dublin

Steelers stand at attention with police officers.

The Pittsburgh Steelers defeated the Bethel Park Police, 78-56, on Friday, March 8 in The Nest.

In an interview with Steeler player Jake McGee, he said, “I hope we have a good time but inevitably win, but as long as it’s some good basketball, it’ll be a good event.”

The Steelers started off the game with the first basket and quickly built their lead. At the half, the Steelers led the Police 36-21. During halftime, the players went to the cafeteria and signed autographs and played basketball with some children-fans on the court. After the half, the police tried to gain a lead but were unsuccessful.

Prior to the main event, the police beat the BP teachers, 52-48. Some BPHS students played on both teams.

Before the games, students and teachers warmed up and got prepared for the big night.

In an interview, junior Ryan Meis said, “Students and teachers, name a more powerful duo.”

And when asked about how they would do against the Steelers, Meis said, “It’s light work.” Mullen said, “Professional athlete, shmathleate.”

In the police/teachers game, the teachers started off strong in the first half but were behind by three. In the end, teachers were taken out (not literally) by the police.

After the game, Mullen said, “We didn’t shoot the ball when we wanted to in the second half, and we didn’t play defense the way we wanted to either.”