Video: “Name That Tune” S2E1


Erin Dublin

Parker Loera and Ryan Meis square off in Round 3 of “Name that Tune.”

Erin Dublin, Editor-in-Chief

“Name That Tune” is back for Season 2. In its first episode, Joey Bova and Matt Szymanowski square off in Round 1. Grace Regan and Weeam Boumaza go head-to-head in Round 2. In Round 3, it’s Parker Loera and Ryan Meis taking the hot seats. Olivia Westphal and Tommy DiRienzo take a break from the basketball court and try their hand at naming tunes in Round 4. The winners of Rounds 1 and 4 verse each other in Round 5. In Round 6, the winners of Rounds 2 and 3 duel. The winners of Rounds 5 and 6 battle for the ultimate crown in the final round.

Tune in to see who wins Episode 1.