Video: “Name That Tune” S2E1


Erin Dublin

Parker Loera and Ryan Meis square off in Round 3 of “Name that Tune.”

“Name That Tune” is back for Season 2. In its first episode, Joey Bova and Matt Szymanowski square off in Round 1. Grace Regan and Weeam Boumaza go head-to-head in Round 2. In Round 3, it’s Parker Loera and Ryan Meis taking the hot seats. Olivia Westphal and Tommy DiRienzo take a break from the basketball court and try their hand at naming tunes in Round 4. The winners of Rounds 1 and 4 verse each other in Round 5. In Round 6, the winners of Rounds 2 and 3 duel. The winners of Rounds 5 and 6 battle for the ultimate crown in the final round.

Tune in to see who wins Episode 1.