Album Review: “Hollywood’s Bleeding” by Post Malone


© Tore Sætre 2018 (CC BY-SA 4.

Post Malone at the main stage at Stavernfestivalen. The concert took place on 14. July 2018 in Stavern.



After releasing a few singles over the past few months, Post Malone finally released his brand new album titled, “Hollywood’s Bleeding.” The album represents Hollywood and how it’s turning into a cold, distant place.

In the song “Hollywood’s Bleeding,” he refers to the people as “vampires.” He also says “everyone is gone, but no one’s leaving.” This makes it seem like everyone in Hollywood is just gone but they’re all just feeding off everything as a vampire would, sucking the life and joy out of everything around them. In doing this, Malone conveys how nothing in Hollywood is original anymore and how it’s a dark place for people who want to shine.

Some of the other songs on the playlist include “Wow,” “Sunflower” feat: Swae Lee, and “Circles.” This album is diverse as it has songs featuring several different artists such as Halsey, Meek Mill, Future, and the Prince of Darkness himself, Ozzy Osbourne.

This is Malone’s most adventurous album yet, but it seems that he is unsure of what genre he’s in.  In some songs, it seems like he’s a rap artist and in the next, it sounds like he’s trying to impersonate Blink 182.

He also seems to be leaning towards music videos which pose the question, Are we expecting a song about medieval times or maybe something involving a dragon, like on the “Wow” album cover?

Hopefully, Malone will get on the ball about it and give us some answers.