Things to do while stuck in quarantine


Courtesy of Army Cols. Elizabeth and Aaron Martin

CARLISLE, Pennsylvania – Katherine Martin, 9, daughter of Army Cols. Elizabeth and Aaron Martin, looks out the window of the family’s home in Carlisle, Pa., March 15, 2020. Social distancing during the coronavirus situation can lead to a feeling of confinement

Due to the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, schools across the country and even the world are closed until further notice. Some schools have their classes online and some don’t have classes at all. But many people are starting to get cabin fever. Here is a helpful list of things you can do in quarantine to maintain social distancing.

1.) Video chat friends- It’s tough going days and even weeks without seeing your closest friends. But due to the magic of the internet, you can video chat them anytime you want. If you’re an Apple or Android user, there are several different apps and websites you can use to talk to your friends from the safety of your home.

2.) Play/watch video games- From “Fortnite” to “Animal Crossing” and everything in between, there is an endless amount of games to play and watch others play. Whether you like playing your games on a console or PC, the possibilities are endless for gaming. And even if you’re not in the mood to play a game, you can watch your favorite YouTuber or streamer play games all through the night.

3.) Chores- They may be a pain to some kids and teens, but they need to be done day after day. If it’s walking the dog or doing the dishes, there are always chores to be done. If you decide to do chores during the quarantine, your parents will greatly appreciate it and it might even make you feel better knowing you made a difference to your home.

4.) Self-care- Many people don’t think about it but self-care is very important in everyone’s life. If it’s taking a bath or shower or even waking up at a reasonable time and making yourself something to eat, self-care is a very important thing to do for yourself and might make you feel better during this stressful time.

5.) Online shopping- No matter the time of the year, there is always shopping to be done, and due to all non-essential stores being closed, people have resorted to online shopping. Some of your favorite stores may even have some sales going on just for the occasion. But something interesting that some stores are doing is they’re lowering the minimum price for free shipping so you don’t have to spend as much to get it and because you can’t choose the ship-to-store option.

When asked how he is spending his quarantine, senior Parker Loera said: “I’ve been watching a lot of Netflix, playing Xbox, eating, and getting in some workouts. I also try to read a little and spend time with my family.”

Parker is a great example of the perfect combination of what to do to pass time during the quarantine.

It may be hard to do some of these things during this time, but for everyone’s safety, please stay home and stay healthy.

What are you doing to stay busy during the quarantine?  Feel free to leave a comment.