Student Spotlight: Connor Hedderman


The Camera Cottage

Senior Connor Hedderman poses for a senior pic.

Whether he’s helping with the blood drive for PACS or working fall play or musical, Connor Hedderman is always busy doing something he enjoys. Connor is a senior at BPHS and excited to finally finish his high school career and get started with his exciting life.

But Connor’s not your normal teenager, as he spends a lot of his free time doing a new kind of art, spray paint. Connor started his art career by watching YouTube videos of street artists around the world. Using only spray paint, newspaper, and stencils, he began his journey of making breathtaking art.

He started with his first painting of a simple stormtrooper on canvas. After seeing how good he was, he tried doing some techniques he’d seen online on a piece of cardboard. Knowing that he was capable of doing these techniques, he has continued to make art, getting more and more complex as time goes on.

But now with people knowing about his art, he’s been asked to make paintings for the school; for instance, he made a vampire photo to sponsor the blood drive. Connor even sells some of his paintings that he makes for a little extra cash.

Check out his artwork on his art Instagram page: