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Maria Cerro
Upon the arrival of hundreds of buzzing high school students to this wonderful chaos we call BPHS, you may hear the faint thud of a basketball early in the morning. That thud could very well be senior Maria Cerro throwing up shots in preparation for her final season as a Black Hawk.

Cerro has been a varsity starter all four years of high school and plans to attend Indiana University of Pennsylvania to further her academic and athletic career. For her, the morning workouts are just another day in the office.

Aside from her tireless efforts on the basketball court, Maria has been keeping the school updated on the latest news, via Hawk Eye, for two years now. This school year, she plans to climb the ranks of the school newspaper hierarchy and establish herself as a key member of the squad. She plans to "bring more ideas to the table and get everyone involved.”

Maria desires taking the responsibility that comes with a leadership role. Through her participation in sports at a young age, Cerro has learned to value being appointed a leader. "Being a leader allows me to influence my team in order for us to win.” Cerro smirks in the face of this challenge.

No matter who you are, who you are friends with, or what you believe in you can rest assured knowing that you can find a friend in Maria Cerro.

Maria Cerro, Photography Editor

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Maria Cerro