Powderpuff game will now close Homecoming week


Maria Cerro

Juniors and seniors toe the line of scrimmage during their game last year. The seniors won 33-6.

Anastasia Williams, Staff Writer

The Powderpuff football game that was cancelled on Sunday, Sept. 9 due to severe rainfall has been rescheduled for Sunday, Sept. 16. Kickoff will be at 6 p.m. in the BPHS Stadium.

Mr. Kszastowski (Mr. K.), Homecoming sponsor, made the executive decision to postpone the game.

He said he postponed the game due to consistent heavy rainfall, poor field conditions, and the safety of the athletes. He also said that since there were many power outages in the area, it was not safe.

“It was an easy decision,” he said.

Mr. K., like many others, is disappointed that the game will not kickoff HOCO week as it traditionally does, but he did make the point that it is closing the week, so it still feels like it is part of the week.

The students at BPHS are not letting this minor setback spoil their fun for the start of Homecoming week.

Senior Julia Herman, said she agrees with the fact that the game was cancelled in light of the poor weather conditions and safety of the athletes.

“If the athletes played in those conditions, they would be more likely to get sick or injured,” she said.

She also does not think that HOCO week will be any less fun and entertaining due to the delayed game. She said that she is attending the game next week as long as her homework situation allows, and of course being that she is a senior, she believes that the seniors will come out victorious next weekend.

Based on the history of the Powderpuff game, the seniors do have the higher winning record. In fact, last year they won by a score of 33-6.

We will have to see who will win on Sunday.

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