Athlete of the Week: Luke Montgomery

Parker Loera, Sports Editor

How many years have you wrestled for? 11 years

What is your favorite wrestling moment? When I went to Virginia Beach my freshman year for the NHSCA duals.

Future plans? I plan to wrestle D1 in college.

If you could redo a match, which match would it be? It would be earlier this year at Burgettstown. I lost to someone I definitely could have beat.

If you were explaining wrestling to someone who does not know much about it, what would you tell them? I would tell them it’s a contest of agility, strength, and endurance all in one.

Siblings? Names? I have two siblings and their names are Adam and Jason.

Favorite Movie? “The Dark Knight”

If you had to eat one thing the rest of your life, and you would not have to worry about health, what would it be? Alaskan Crab

Any special thanks? I thank my brothers for instilling the goals that I have and my parents for backing them.