Athlete Spotlight: Max Blanc


Angel Feliciano

Max Blanc launches the javelin at the South Fayette Invitational on May 1.

Max Blanc is this week’s Student Spotlight. You might spot Max as the tall kid with short-shorts, or you might see him tossing something around to practice his spiral. You either know Max from watching the BPHS football games, basketball games, or track meets. Max is the starting QB on the football team, a starting forward on the basketball team, and throws javelin for the track team. Max is a hardworking and talented student, and that is why he’s this week’s Student Spotlight.


Favorite sport: Football

Best part about junior year: Seeing Nate Yoder every day

Favorite color: Black

Your favorite place to go on vacation: Stone Harbor, N.J.

Favorite athlete: Cam Newton

Who do you have winning march madness? North Carolina

What do you wanna be when you grow up? Physical Therapist

Favorite college: North Carolina