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Julia Mascaro
Julia is one of the many Mascaros to pass through BPHS. She is currently a senior and will be writing for Hawk Eye for her second year.

She took the journalism class again because Mr. Allemang is a great teacher and because she gets to express herself with her articles.

Julia usually writes about students’ art and creative things they make at school. In fact, Julia would like to major in art in college. She will be attending Slippery Rock University, where she will also play soccer.

In her free time, you can usually find Mascaro at your local Dunkin Donuts getting a vanilla iced coffee with cream and sugar. If she's not at Dunkin, you can find her on a soccer field somewhere. Julia has been involved with soccer for about eight years and will continue to play for a couple more. She plays for two teams: Century, which is a club team, and the girls varsity team. You can see her playing midfielder for both teams.

If Julia could visit anywhere in the world, she said, “I would go to Italy because my great grandparents are from there and it's a beautiful place. It would also be nice to go somewhere new.”

Also, if she had one superpower, she would like to be invisible. Her favorite TV shows are The Voice and World of Dance.

Julia is a very caring and kind-hearted girl. If you see her in the hall, you can usually see her with a bright smile on her face and you can hear her contagious laugh. If you ever get the chance to meet the fourth Mascaro, you are one lucky person!

Julia Mascaro, Features Editor

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Julia Mascaro