Student Art of the Week: Science in Art students make mini environmental homes


Julia Mascaro

Mini environmental home made by students in Science in Art class!

Mr. Wallisch’s and Mrs. Rohar’s Science in Art students made a variety of self-sustaining mini-ecosystems. The students created these using multiple items nature has naturally given us, such as rocks, sticks, stones, dirt, and mud.

Some students used just the natural items while their peers put a twist on it and brought materials from home to add to the scene. They created waterfalls, re-enacted scenes from movies, and just created lands with different creatures.

Mr. Wallisch said, “We wanted a project where they could create a miniature world in there.”

Mrs. Rohar added, “We really wanted them to use their imaginations and to be creative.”

To hold the miniature home together, students were given a glass jar or even brought their own for a more personal touch.

Julia Mascaro
Monsters Inc scene created by Emma Puzausky.


This artwork was created by Victoria Swetoha.


Created by a student in Science in Art.


Waterfall scene made by Julia Wright.