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BPSD battles bullying

Julia Mascaro, Feature Editor

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On Tuesday, March 26, the principals of BPSD said to the School Board that bullying is on the decline.

Dr. Jansante told the Board that communication was the main idea for these bullying situations. BPHS came up with different ways students can communicate concerns, including a tip line.

Although there is less bullying around, Jansante said that he has seen an incline in student’s anxiety and mental health concerns. To help these students, there are a variety of counselors at the school and even a Student Assistant Program.

At George Washington Elementary, the children are given rewards for being kind, so they will continue to use it and show others what kindness is.

Character building is part of Neil Armstrong Middle School’s health classes. A teacher at Neil said that he has seen bullying, but mostly online now.

Ben Franklin Elementary uses programs like Rachel’s Challenge.

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BPSD battles bullying