Take your picture coming down the chimney


Mr. Wallisch

Mr. Wallisch coming DOWN the chimney! #Bpdownthechimney

Christmas is all about love and laughter, and what shows that more than taking funny photos at a photo stand-in?

Mr. Wallisch and his students created a chimney with acrylic paints.

Wallisch created this funny photo stand-in, “Just to make kids happy and to make them laugh,” he said.

The trick is after you take the picture, you have to crop it and rotate it 180 degrees to capture your funny picture. You should also make it look like you’re coming down the chimney.

The photo stand-in will be up Tuesday morning in the main lobby, so get some friends and make some great Christmas memories!

You can use #bpdownthechimney on Instagram to be featured in the newspaper and on the kiosks!

Mr.Wallisch BEFORE coming down the chimney.


Mr.Wallisch coming DOWN the chimney! #bpdownthechimney