Student Art of the Week goes head-to-head

December 19, 2018

Every week, Hawk Eye recognizes a student’s artwork. This week’s Student Art of the Week features the work of two artists, seniors Mia Adams and Steff Beckman, who both painted heads.

Student Art of the Week: Mia Adams’ Monroe elephant

Senior Mia Adams is a student of Mr. Wallisch’s Art 2 class. After taking Art 1, Adams loved painting and drawing and wanted to continue to develop her talents.

Although Adams is very gifted at art, she does not want to go to school for it. She is going to CCAC and is still undecided.

To any upcoming artist, Adams would say, “It’s not always going to look great the first time, but as long as you keep trying you will get better.”

Her favorite artist is Youtube star Josiah Brooks, also known as DrawWithJazza.

Adams created an airbrushed photo of Marilyn Monroe’s body with an elephant head. Mr. Wallisch gave an assignment that the students had to create something different every time; it was more of an abstract assignment.

Adams was inspired to airbrush this because she came across her stencil projects, which included a similar piece. This took her about a week to complete. She would call this piece, “Elephant Head.” Her favorite part was the overall finished product.

Julia Mascaro
Mia Adam’s Marilyn MONROE ELEPHANT made in Mr.Wallisch’s Art 2 class.
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Student Art of the Week: Steff Beckman’s skull


Julia Mascaro

Steff Beckman’s COLORFUL skull is showcased in Mr.Wallisch’s Art room!

Artistic senior Steff Beckman is in Mr. Wallisch’s Art 2 class. Beckman joined this class to use her ability of art to reduce stress. Although she is very skillful at her talent in art, she does not want to go to school for it. Instead, she would like to attend Duquesne and major in education to become a teacher.

Beckman has a lot of artists that she looks up to, but her favorite is Banksy.

Beckman had the help of Mr. Hooton, another art teacher at BPHS, who inspired this skull painting.

She used a mix of both tempera and acrylic paints to finalize the two-and-a-half week’s of work. Beckman would call this artwork ‘Psych’ because, “it looks cool.” Her favorite part of the piece is the circles within the squares.

To any ambitious artist, Beckman says, “Do not judge your painting until you are done. You might hate it in the process, but you will like it when it is done.”

Julia Mascaro
Another VIEW of Steff’s skull!


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