Student Art of the Week: Natalie Farmerie’s fascinating face of fame


Julia Mascaro

Natalie Farmerie and Tim Halpin stop and smile while working on a project.

Natalie Farmerie, the prospective political philosopher, is an ingenious artist. Although the senior wants to major in political philosophy, she would love to take some art classes in college. She loves taking art because it is a challenge.  Farmerie looks up to the French painter, Claude Monet.

Farmerie’s piece is of the famous singer-songwriter, Amy Winehouse. If she would have to name this piece, it would be called “Rehab.” It took Farmerie about a month to complete the millions of dots that made up this artwork, only using just a sharpie.

The toughest part of the process for Farmerie was the repetitiveness of having to dot one-by-one. It was all worth it in the end as she said, “My favorite part was how you could make something so cool just out of little dots.”

She is very talented in her work and she creates more artwork than you can imagine. One of the sketches she did was of a rope she did in Mr. Wallisch’s Art 2 class.

Farmerie sketched this photo out by examining an actual piece of rope in front of her. Mr. Wallisch allowed you to make any knot you wanted and she decided to draw the end of a knot. To shape this knot, she started with short, curved pencil strokes. Then she continued to shade the darker lines on the outside and then working her way to the middle with the lightest lines.