Student Art of the Week: Sophia Galietta’s pointillistic portrait


Julia Mascaro

Sophia Galietta is all smiles at her work desk in the art room.

Junior soccer player Sophia Galietta has more talent than just being a phenomenal student athlete, she is a brilliant artist.

Galietta has taken multiple art courses here at BPHS including Art 1, Art 2 and Ceramics 1. Galietta loves everything about art and wants to possibly pursue it in her future.

“I thought about being an art therapist,” said Galietta.

Galietta created a portrait of the singer-songwriter Vance Joy. This was an assignment given to her by Mr. Hooton, and they had to make a person out of dots, which is called pointillism.

She loves Joy’s music, so she decided he is the best fit for this project.

The only materials used for this stunning artwork was a sharpie marker, pencil, and ruler. The whole process took about only two weeks in 40-minute increments.

Her capability to produce such an amazing piece of work has pushed her to make more of a variety of pieces. Recently, she has created these jaw-dropping animals made out of precise designs.

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