Emily O’Donnell wows with wings


Kent Wallisch

Emily O’Donnell’s costume STANDS OUT at the Ghoul Fest Dance.

Julia Mascaro, Features Editor

For the Ghoul Fest Dance, senior Emily O’Donnell was Brendon Urie from Panic! At The Disco’s music video “Emperor’s New Clothes.”

 She made this costume herself and knew how to work with all the materials because she had made costumes before. O’Donnell has made many costumes based on other characters before. She’s even made her own figure skating costumes!

O’Donnell wanted to be Brendon Urie because she did a test of the face makeup a year ago and just fell in love with it.

The exquisitely, precise wings took a month to make, while the horns took about a week.

She additionally painted the shirt that covered the wings.

To finish the final touches, O’Donnell bought fangs and blue colored prescription contacts.

She designed the wings out of two construction grade cardboard tubes that crossed in an x fashion.

After fitting the tubes to the correct size, she taped them together with duck tape.

She then cut chipboard pieces into the shapes of feathers.

She duck taped the chip tape to long paper that was connected to the tubes with hot glue.

After, she cut 2 mm thick foam into 180 feathers. She used silver and red acrylic paint for shading and highlights on the feathers.

She took an old dress and cut the top off and carefully added slits in the back to put the wings into.

She made her horns thanks to Mr. Wallisch and Mrs. Rohar’s Science in Art class.

She learned you have to crumple up paper and use painter’s tape to construct the tape.

She added wire for more support, then used a technique called papier mache to finalize it.

She then ran an X-Acto knife down the side and took out the paper to make them much lighter and hot glued the pieces back together when she was done.

She used acrylic paints to paint the horns and her shirt.

Her favorite part about her costume was the wings. O’Donnell said, “I worked so hard on them, and I believe they turned out to look and feel fantastic.

A part of the costume she wishes she would have changed was to make her horns a little smaller. If they were smaller, she could attach them to her forehead with spirit gum instead of the horns being on the headband.

Another part she wishes she would have changed was to make the base of the wings moveable so they could be in more than one position, not just stationary.

The last part she would change is to take her time on her makeup and clean it up, along with adding more detail to her shirt.

People admired O’Donnell’s attire so much that one boy even asked for a picture with her. People said that her wings were really “cool” and people really liked her costume.

O’Donnell’s favorite costume was Rachel Anischenko’s Bellatrix from Harry Potter.

O’Donnell said, “I love her energy while she is in the costume.”