Student Art of the Week: Paige’s priceless Poe

Paige’s POE painting in Mr. Wallisch’s Art 2 class.

Paige Bowermaster is an extremely talented artist here at BPHS. She is in Mr.Wallisch’s Art 2 and Science in Art class and Mr. Hooton’s Ceramics class.

Bowermaster said: “I love art in general. I love creating it.”

She is planning to attend the Pennsylvania College of Art and Design to major in illustration.

Back in November, she showcased her creative Wendigo costume for the Ghoul Fest dance.

Now, Bowermaster is displaying something even more creative! The painting is of powerful writer Edgar Allan Poe. Ironically, Bowermaster painted Poe on a series of books. Those books were going to be thrown away from the school, but Bowermaster changed that.

She said, “This painting gave purpose for the books, instead of just being tossed to the side.”

Another view of Paige’s workspace and how BIG the portrait is.

Four months of acrylic painting and determination is what completed this masterpiece.

At one point during the four months, all the books fell over, and Paige had to reorganize every single one. She couldn’t have done it without her friend Paige Bostedo, as well as her mom, a mechanical engineer, who built a board to support the books so they would not fall again.

Bowermaster names this painting simply “Poe.”

Bowermaster’s favorite artist would be Banksy. She said: “He gets everyone upset and he breaks the rules to create art. He creates art that makes people think.” To any ambitious artist, Bowermaster would say, “Make art that has meaning behind it and be passionate about it.”

Bowermaster also has other beautiful pieces that she made that are in her portfolio! Check them out below!