Student Art of the Week: Alexa Will’s blissful beach


Julia Mascaro

SWIMMING IN ART, senior art student Alexa Will takes a breather to smile for the camera.

Alexa Will, a senior at BPHS, painted this beautiful scenery of a beach in Aruba.

Alex Will’s acrylic painting of the Aruban beach features the refreshing shades of the water and actual Aruban sand.

Julia Mascaro

She would call this piece “La Playa,” which means beach in Spanish.

Speaking of Spanish, that is what Will plans to minor in come college, and she plans to major in international affairs.

After thirty minutes of acrylic painting at the Aruban beach, Will decided to put actual sand on the painting. She said that was the hardest part of the artwork.

When asked what Will’s favorite part of the painting was, she replied, “My favorite part had to be actually painting in a foreign place, it was a unique setting.” 

Other than having fun painting at the beach, Will can sketch and shade like a professional.

Will’s favorite artist is Frida Kahlo, a Mexican artist, who is recognizable for her famous portraits.

In Mr. Wallisch’s Art 2 class, Will drew a self-portrait, but with Medusa-like hair. This detailed portrait only took her about two weeks.


Julia Mascaro
Alexa Will’s self-portrait features Medusa-like hair.